Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Xmas Prep

This is the first Christmas that Lily really 'gets' what is going on so that makes it particularly special and exciting for us. This year I had to let go of my desire to have the perfectly balanced and co-ordinated Christmas tree and realise that from now on it ceases to be Mama's job. Hard for a creative control freak like me but well worth it. (Although I have to admit to rearranging the decorations once Lily was safely tucked up in bed).


Enchanted Walk

We went here for some pre-Xmas build up. Most enchanting. Lily was hunting for Gruffalo in the forest but all she found was the big bad wolf.


"It's a boat of crumbs sailing on a sea of tea." (describing my biscuit dunking activities)

"Wind! Go home to your Mama! Now!" ( shouted on a particularly blowy day walking by the racecourse)

Me: "What time is it Lily?" (after repeatedly telling her it was teatime and being ignored)
Lily: "It's cake o'clock time."

"Carry me in your pouch, I am a very tiny baby kangaroo and you are my BIG FAT MUMMY KANGAROO".

"Your nose tastes like cheese, your cheeks taste like garlic bread and your ears taste like pickled onions and I'm going to eat them all up."