Thursday, 11 March 2010

Breaking News

Apparently Beeba, according to obstetrician Lily, will be born out of my foot and will be a bit 'crumpled'.


Lily has played in this box solidly for two days now and so it begs the question "Why do I bother ever buying her any new toys?"

Cause and Effect

The dreaded 'Why' has happened. It has been occurring for a while but not on this gargantuan scale. I have to confess to it driving me completely nuts, mainly because it never stops with the one 'Why' but spirals in to a endless oblivion of 'Whys' and then I find myself resorting to the one thing I said I would never do, replying with "because your Mother said so."

Aspirations of a 2 Year Old

I was informed today by my daughter that when she is big she will grow up to be a lady like Mummy and when she is a lady (who looks like Mummy) she will be able to pierce her ears, wear dangly earrings, own a bike, sit at a desk and use a hole punch.
Ambitions run high in our family.