Tuesday, 10 June 2008


On Saturday Mr.A and I deposited our baby with her grandparents and hot-footed it to an evening wedding do. This was the first time we have ever left her anywhere for longer than 2 hours and although she is generally quite personable I was a little anxious. The anxiety, it turned out, had nothing to do with whether Lily would behave herself and be dazzling company; but all to do with me missing her and feeling like one of my very useful limbs had been severed.
With the help of an enormous amount of booze, the actual party was manageable but Sunday was not. I woke at 8.00, even though I only went to bed at 4.00, and had ants in my pants all morning, trying to ignore the very physical 'missing Lily' pangs I felt like little knife stabs in my chest.

What will I be like when she decides to leave home?

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