Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fingers Crossed

Time has come for Lily to move to a big, proper grown up bed with all the trimmings and with all the obvious potential possibilities of escape. Seems fairly irrational to throw a new bed in to the mix when we have the perfect late sleeping/non-waking/imprisoned child in our grasp but obviously this behaviour has clearly gone on too long and it's time to get her in line with all the other midnight rambling tots.

The rationale behind the bed purchase was that Lily, being the child of giants, is just getting much too large for the baby cot and wakes up most mornings with her head rammed up against the bars and her very long toes poking out at the opposite end.

We tottered off to Ikea land to let her choose her night chariot, although a bit of gentle persuasion helped her pinpoint mummy's favourite and here she is, about to go to bed, hopefully.

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