Monday, 3 August 2009

Eye Patches

Lily is blossoming. Not only talking 19 to the dozen but developing a fine sense of humour, an expansive vocabulary and the beginnings of a pretty wild imagination.
Someone very kindly presented her with a box of Lego as a belated birthday present and she built her first Lego creation, the robot/scarecrow.
Yesterday I caught her practically in the sink, shouting down the plughole with the plug clamped firmly to her ear. She was on the 'plugphone' chatting to Jack (our next door neighbour).
Today she handed me a hip flask full of dolphins and eye patches.
She has a big thing about eye patches.
Later, at teatime, I was told I must spit out the 'aeroplanes' in to her hand after I had unwisely finished off the remains of her baby sweetcorn. The baby sweetcorn had spent most of the meal loop the looping and picking up carrot passengers along the way and she was fairly inconsolable once she realised one of her aircraft had disappeared in to my stomach.
I don't know what age kids are supposed to do what but I find it amazing that she can invent all these things from nowhere. I know she can count and name colours and shapes and recite pretty much every nursery rhyme we throw at her which is also extremely cool and smart and amazing but it is her imagination that really makes me smile.

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