Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Smiler

I worried greatly through my entire pregnancy with Sam, that he would somehow suffer because of my grief. I cried so much during those 9 months I began to panic I would give birth to the world's most miserable, p*ssed-off, melancholic baby. Somehow, quite the opposite has happened. I appear to have the happiest child on the block. In fact it is particularly difficult to make Sam cry and Lord knows, Lily has tried. She left a bite mark on his arm which lasted almost a week and the little chap just grinned at her. He is now, rather adoringly, waving his fat little arms about just begging to be picked up at every opportunity and once he has achieved his goal one is rewarded by a delightful chuckle and the loveliest of bear hugs.
Lily calls him "The Smiling Baby" and she is right, as usual.

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