Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lily's Story

Steiner school ask you to write a few lines for each year of your child's life which is read out on their birthday to the whole class and added to year after year.
This is what we wrote...

Year 1

Lily August was born on a beautiful spring evening in York hospital. She was a very smiley baby and her first word was ‘banana’.

Year 2

Lily learns to love dressing up. She especially likes to wear 3 cardigans at once, socks on her hands and carry a rucksack everywhere. She gets very good at blowing kisses.

Year 3

Lily starts to ask really difficult questions such as ‘Do cats have ankles?’ and ‘Why don’t daddies wear skirts?’. This is the year Lily gets to sleep in a proper bed and learns to ride her trike.

Year 4

Lily’s baby brother Samuel (or Biba as Lily likes to call him) is born and they adore each other. She moves up from Steiner toddler group into nursery and loves it.

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