Friday, 5 October 2012

Travelling Without Moving

Summer flew past at breakneck speed as usual and now Lily is back at school, the nights are drawing in and Sam is embracing The Terrible Twos with as much gusto as he can muster. His obsessive nature continues, main preoccupations are still paintbrushes and feathers but with cotton wool balls thrown in to the mix, oh and a brief flirtation with Thomas The Tank Engine which I am sure could be a lot worse but his cruel Mother keeps steering him towards The Clangers instead.
Life is lazy, I am not achieving as much as I know I should be work wise, continually distracted by more pressing projects such as changing the nature table or throwing parties for dollies, but I can honestly say these days of watching my children blossom seem quite fulfilling enough. I feel content and grounded and those restless, nagging, desperate moments of needing change have evaporated, for the time being at least.

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