Friday, 9 November 2007

Ha! Ha!

This week I am rejoicing in the fact that my baby is such a giggler. Seems recently her sense of humour has blossomed and she likes to laugh, long and hard at really almost anything, but here is her Top Ten to date:
Daddy shouting peek-a-boo
Daddy blowing raspberries
Daddy tickling her cheek with his beard
Daddy kissing her fingers
Mummy sucking her toes
Mummy quacking like a duck
Mummy playing "This Little Piggy..."
Mummy and Daddy 'fake' laughing
Lily being hurled up into the air
Lily being thrown upside down

Today, as I squirted myself in the eye with a rubber duck she almost toppled over from laughing so hard.
I wonder how the sense of humour is formed?

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