Sunday, 11 November 2007


I stopped breastfeeding at 4 and a half months. I stopped because it was painful and traumatic and I wasn't producing enough and I was so guilt ridden and broken hearted by the whole experience that I thought it was time to give both Lily and I a break.

Up to about 2 weeks ago I was still comfort feeding her at night, just at the early morning feed and just while we waited for daddy to bring up a warmed bottle.

I am really missing those moments; drowsy, still half dreaming, curled up tight and snug next to her warm little body, smelling her skin and listening to her gentle snufflings.

More often than not she sleeps through now and I have to grab a morning cuddle in the big bed, carrying her sleepy-eyed from her cot to be placed ceremoniously between Mummy, Daddy and the cat for kisses and cutches and sweet whispered nothings.

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