Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Food, Glorious Food.

The whole weaning thing has been trudging along, somewhat indifferently for a couple of months now. I was 'VeryConcientiousMum' and washed/chopped/pureed organic stuff til I was sick of the sight of blenders, Lily would sometimes wolf down the whole bowl of unappetizing looking mush but mostly she took a few spoons and gave up. I decided recently that I might go down the whole Baby Led Weaning thing, I enjoy jumping on a bandwagon from time to time so why not?
BLW, as far as I understand it means no purees just finger foods mainly, anything large or ungainly is cut to chip size so it's easy to get ones sticky mitts round it (and the mitts do definitely get very sticky). She seems much happier with this new plan and very contentedly chomped her way through several broccoli spears and cauliflower florets. It is most inadvisable to follow this method if at all anal about mess, my carpet and Lily's leftovers have made very close friends.
Here is My Girl demolishing her first whole nectarine, most of which is now splattered rather picturesquely down one wall.

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