Friday, 11 January 2008

'Lily Five Teeth'

If only speed crawling were an Olympic sport I could have cashed in on my daughter's amazing ability to perform the 100 cm dash in 0.02 seconds and be sunning myself in Zanzibar by now. She is a speedy little creature living life in the fast lane, fuelling herself up on apricots, tuna pasta bake and hummus on toast. Everything in our home has been elevated above floor-level so it now looks like some crazy Alice in Wonderland illustration of a house and I am constantly removing bits of sellotape, carpet fluff, electrical wiring, cat food etc... from my child's mouth and this is not an easy thing to do, not with her new set of knife-edged gnashers...'Lily 5 Teeth' (as she is now known in our Hood) and all of them protruding a very odd angles indeed.

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