Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The Magic Finger

The Finger Pointing has now reached critical mass.
Nothing is safe, everything presents itself as a finger pointing opportunity although some specific things will always guarantee a reaction, namely dogs, cats, daises and buses.
Sometimes there is just a whole heap of random finger pointing going down, quick fire, where I have to second guess which object she is referring to and where abouts it might be located and try to guess what it is correctly before she is on to the next.
Lily's finger pointing is not always that accurate, I have come to realise that accuracy is not what matters; in fact most of the time I don't think she really cares too much about the actual naming of the item, she just likes to point.
Some mornings I have noticed that she wakes up on the qui vive (like a cowboy about to unholster his gun), with her little fingers already poised in the pointing position awaiting their opportunity to alert us to something terribly interesting, or not as the case may be.

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