Tuesday, 22 July 2008


LLT's favourite new trick is climbing up the slide, doesn't really matter how big the slide is or how petrified I am or how hard I try and point her in the direction of the steps and suggest the easier option. Lily is a very determined, adventurous beast and the playground is her new best friend; she likes to run head long into swings and Starksy and Hutch roll off the moving roundabout and she is already particularly fond of the flying fox (I have to accompany her on this, I hasten to add).
I have never realised what a potentially hazardous place a playground can be but I am desperately fighting my desire to pad the girl up in bubble wrap and stick her in a cupboard until she is 45; so I swallow my angst and force myself to take her and then congratulate myself on letting the blue touch paper ignite and managing to stand well back.

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