Friday, 1 August 2008

But That's What I Got

No one told me that when I got a toddler I would also get a little person who likes to:
Don an assortment of interesting hats
Wear socks on her hands
Sport several layers on cardigans, preferably 3 at a time
Woof like a dog
Carry rucksacks everywhere
Blow kisses
Do very fine monkey and elephant impressions
Sit on steps and chairs and stools and remain perfectly still for what must be a record time for a 14 month old
Get picky about clothes and cups and toothbrushes
Get frustrated at not being able to fit enough cardigans on
Eat enormous amounts of sultanas, smoked mackerel and blueberries
Obsess over stars and daises
Dance at the merest hint of a melody...

But that's what I got.

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