Sunday, 10 August 2008


The whole language thing is taking its sorry time. Funnily enough before Lily learnt to walk she was saying a few words when the mood took her but ever since she became irreversibly mobile (believe me I have tried) she is mostly mute and communicates only in a serious of R2D2 type beeps. Lower grunts signify disapproval or frustration or general annoyance, the higher the pitch the more excited/content/ gratified she is. Additionally she is still signing a bit, most noticeably for 'food' and 'finished', 'milk' and 'elephants' which is particularly useful as we do get a lot of long-nosed pachyderms around our way. She has recently added pig and rabbit to her repertoire. Most of the signs are made up by me but I figure as I'm the main care giver then it matters not.
Today, however, when she was particularly tired and really very cross she attached herself to my ankles and started MAMAMAMARing quite distinctly; was excited about this turn of events but am hoping that next time it might happen under pleasanter circumstances.

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