Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Some things I am really enjoying about Lily:
The way she eats her toast, marmite first.
Her style of dancing, which involves running very fast round the living room with her eyes closed.
Saying Q after every little thing ('thank you')
Blowing raspberries on bellies by demanding you lift your top up and proffer some tummy flesh, matters not if you are in the supermarket or on the toilet but helps if you are in the bath as that makes such a good noise....
Lily kisses. Fast and furious but getting harder to illicit.
Lily chatter, endless and mostly nonsensical.
Her love of shoes and bags and hair slides and leg warmers and all manner of accessories.
Her helpfulness.
Her sense of fairness; if one person gets a tummy raspberry, we all get one (including the cat).
How easily she is delighted, I so hope this lasts.

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