Thursday, 19 July 2007


Lily seems to be grabbing life by the proverbial short and curlies, I think the technical term is thriving. Since we have waved goodbye to Scary Colic Lily she is all smiles and coos and dribbles. She seems determined to sit up and look about and take in all the world has to offer, a by-product of this is that she pretty short on nap time. Suddenly I am obsessed by sleep, by how little I am getting and the small amounts she seems to manage on.

Some arsehole, correction many so called 'expert' arseholes lured me into thinking babies slept 16-18 hours a day. HA! Not my Lily, nowhere near. This naturally sent me into paroxysms of guilt and distress that I was sleep depriving my child; that I had to force her to nap constantly, that she would become retarded from not enough so-called 'deep' sleep, that this insomnia was affecting her eating patterns and turning her into a 'snacker' and this in turn was stunting her growth etc, etc, etc....blah,blah,blah...and this in turn was making her mummy into 'evenmoreneuroticmummy' forcing her to write extremely long sentences with very little punctuation and generally sending her round the twist.

Another spin-off of this is that I spend most of my time obsessively googling 'my baby does not sleep', revelling sadistically in the fact I am not alone.

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