Saturday, 20 December 2008

Butter and Honey

Although Lily's oral vocabulary is still quite small I am constantly amazed at her level of understanding, she will carry out quite complicated instructions to the letter such as "Can you go upstairs and fetch Mummy's bag and take out your stripey cat slippers and put them on please and then come back down and make me some tea and toast with lots of butter and honey?"....well, almost.
Usually going upstairs to retrieve things results in some minor deviation along the way such as collecting assorted cuddly toys to accompany her on the journey down or dive-bombing a sleeping cat. Once or twice she has appeared in a completely different outfit to the one she departed in having rummaged in the dressing up box en route.
Lily is still in the 'obedient/aim to please' phase so is particularly handy to have around at the moment; she is great at tidying up, putting stuff in the bin and hanging out the washing. Unfortunately she is equally fantastic at raiding my linen cupboard for towels to wear on her head as she blindly careers round the house bumping in to things.

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