Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Round Two

Been lax of late at blogging but nothing to do with an absence of Lily news more to do with me being up the duff again. Round two of feeling exhausted, nauseous and devoid of fun. 10 weeks I think, maybe 11. Hopefully some energy will appear with the arrival of the next trimester.
How different this pregnancy is to the first, no rest for tired little old me when I have an extremely active toddler to chase about the house and no time for the endless navel gazing I took part in first time round.
Never realised vomiting could be a spectator sport but Lily insists on posting a vigil next to the toilet as I heave up my breakfast repeatedly....this is no time to wonder "just what have I done?"


shelley said...

Blog on through the nausea, sista.
We love it!

shelley said...

just wanted to add that the word that popped up for verification was "hedshemp"

FaFa and Lily said...