Thursday, 18 December 2008

Postscript to Party Girls

Sometimes I daydream about disappearing from it all, whisking my lovely family off to sunnier climes and leaving civilization behind, bivouacking in the outback or joining some hippy-dippy peace camp in the Ukraine. After Wren's party I was all glowey and waxing lyrical about how delightful it is to have friends nearby, better still that our children are all growing up together. It makes me smile when I think about Wren and Martha and Maisie and Harald (and all the others soon to join them) being such an important part of each other's lives and sharing these wonderful childhood memories together.
I would not leave this behind for the world.

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shelley said...

This is a no, duh situation. You are tremendously lucky and you've planned it that way. I am happy for these kids, too, truly. Good job, sistamon.
I lurv this picture.
It is beautiful and poignant and happy.

ps today's word veri: addyg